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part 5

Hi there!
Well, I think about putting a PW on this blog, because when no-one reades what I write I can also write a bit more "hardcore" you know (means-> writing stuff nobody should read [otherwise I*d be dead ^^])
Awww Slipknot are so right: people=shit
I can*t say that too often.
It*s really no offense when I write this line, but I mean... well, all human beings are actually just some assholes you know (yezz, even me! ^^) I think everybody has his or her moments to be shitty and stuff...but right now I*m really pissed off the human "race"...You know, everday I see enough shit that really annoys me and sometimes I would like to kill few people...
For example these shitty Nazis here...I could kill them all...
They are just so stupid, you know, threating my friends because they have an opinion...awww that makes me angry
Maybe it is true: I am too often too discontent, well, might be.
But what shall I do? Be blind for everything and have just hypocrites as friends? Nooo nada. I am pissed off.
And it also pisses me off that I am only heard when I talk bitchy. Whyyyyyy can*t people just listen when I talk in a normal way?
Well. Bad day today. Too many fights with too many people.
But hey, not my fault. You can*t blame me when too many people are shit. shit shit shit. I should stop swearing ^^"
get the fuck out of my face!

13.4.07 15:33

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