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Good night!
Well...more and more these days there are always the same strange thoughts in my head, and I can*t seem to get them out, dammit. I dont' know... Well, when I think about what has happened this year already, it*s all a bit too much for me... but on the other hand, hey, this year is almost over! I mean, only 7 months more to go and then...well. the same thing...
Awww. I really DON'T want to get old...I mean, I did not really enjoy my youth, it's too fast over dammit...and I really dont wanna R. Williams said
I*m not afraid to die I just don't want to.
And when you think about this know, it could be over tomorrow, in a minute, in a second...we don't know about that, and this is really scaring I think...
An other thing is...yeah well... I cannot accept somehow how many people slipped out of my life the past months... I mean... I lost a good friend a few weeks ago... but I always have to keep in mind, what I*ve been told and what I believe in. That if there is a problem in a relationship because one partner is not how he should be, and he can*t or doesn*t want to change...then there*s no future for those two. then one has to leave...yeah well, and so did I, I think.
So...and before that... I stopped loving someone I was "loving" for a long time. Well...I mean, you fall in love_and in this year I really falled OUT of love, everything was over.
That felt pretty good at the beginning, but makes me melancholic somehow. You know, like I*m asking myself: And now? It*s just been a crazy year, but somehow also pretty normal I guess... I*m feeling like I*m drifting these days somehow... like I only live for the next day, for the next week... I dont know. But...well, it*s a really strange life ^_^"
But keep in mind: life is strange- and so am I
Awww, goodnightinight!

17.5.07 00:15

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