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Well, I just learned a lesson that I BET I*ve learned a million times before: You*ve got to believe in yourself. Goddamn it, yes! Sounds so easy, but it surely is not! I read some reviews that I received to some stories that I wrote, and they really made me feel good. I wrote a few minutes ago on some new stuff, but I*m not really that sure about it, so that reviews did me some favour ^.^" So. I just hope for the best. And I really have to make a concept this time... Huh.
Well, my grandma is in hospital since a few weeks, and that does suck so much...You know, my mom is running away from that problem, she simply thinks "Ah well, everything will be fine. It*s getting better every day!" So. Actually it*s not getting better...And since my grandma pratically has decided to die, I somehow can*t visit her anymore. I mean,...she*s become a totally different person...and I can*t stand that. I mean...It*s really serious now...and I know that I cannot burry that burden. I just feel misunderstood and well...yeah, my mother is just stupid because she refuses to accept that not everything is fine, and with my father one cannot sis and I do know how bad it is, we are aware of the problem, but somehow that does not help in any way... Huh. That is so much getting me down...Aw...Well, I should not think about things that I cannot change...It*s not my fault, but I feel sad that I can*t have a perfect life ^-^" (who doesnt?)
So. Goodnightinight!


nobody cares_nobody sees
5.5.07 02:52

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